This blog is for posting the update pictures and news of Atsushi and Tsubasa.
Did you know why Tsubasa canceled his blog? Anything to do about the transexual contest that he was participating?

Its because he quit his job. This blog actually only for his customers.

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All GV of Tsubasa and Atsushi is deleted,can you tell me what happen ????

really? I don’t know. I don’t follow the news about them long time. Sorry

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Tsubasa will no more update his blog?

yes he deleted all the posts of his blog

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Who are you?

just a person who loves tsubasa and atsushi…

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so he isnt a prostitute anymore?

yes you are right

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Are they still dating today?

yes but tsubasa seems quit the job right now

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I think i don't understend... Tsubasa is like a prostitute but he only make porn movies whit Atsushi? And what Atsushi does? I mean.. for work

yes, and atsushi is a host of a gay bar. 

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Did you know how thay met each other?

a meeting between their friends

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Guys…..i think i would not update this blog again. Just because somethings were happened. Thank you for your visiting. I still love tsubasa and atsushi. I also hope they can stay together forever. They are the sweetest couple i have ever seen :) thanks again and good bye :)

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I have a question...Tsubasa still working at the club and make love with customers although he is dating Atsushi? :(


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